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March 1, 2006

Why do I write?

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Ther’es a place called writers block in a community called Spymac¬†where you write what you feel. I always hit the Reply button without having a suitable reply. So I have to write a poem on the fly… Like this one (more…)


February 3, 2006

There she goes…

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There she goes again, coursing through my brain. Lets call her Miss NameWithheld. neat name for a very neat personality.

Pity I can’t drop a photo because she stated real clearly that I should keep her to myself. (actually blogging her isn’t going to make her elated). I might have to fly solo on Valentines day. Any volunteers? (more…)

One oh one … The only way Is One

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Hi, you can call me Purify, or Dgi. I’m a poet. So what exactly am I waiting for? [..] (more…)

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